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Welcome to our “New” SnickersUK Blog

We get asked a lot of questions about Snickers products and thought it was time we shared some with you

We will do a weekly post where we will inform you of any new products or design queries that we feel may be of interest

Week 1

What do Snickers mean by a Twisted Leg?

There are many different brands of trousers in the market now that will take an internal knee pad. But the knee pad needs to be in the right place or it’s pointless.

When we kneel its unlikely our knees will be tight together, in fact if you compare it to the hands on a clock our knees will point at 5 to 1

And our pads need to point in the same direction. So Snickers “Twist the Leg” which means the knee pad is off centre enough to be in the perfect position as you drop to your knees. This also prevents the garment from tugging on your thighs as it’s not being forced to point outwards.

So is “Twisted Leg” important? If you want to protect your knees it is !!