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Growing up and hearing the sentence “They don’t make things like they used to” from my parents I promised myself that I would do my best never to say that. Personally, as a workwear supplier I’m glad “They don’t make things like they used to”

I remember seeing builders in big heavy coats like the railway guards used to wear, they didn’t keep you comfortably warm they were just so heavy they made you sweat!

Heavy denim jeans that when they got wet were twice as heavy

Steel safety boots that were so heavy and uncomfortable by the end of the day you would be in agony

Looking back thank goodness “They don’t make things like they used to”

Today you can get Light weight vented trousers with knee pad pockets, Nano toe cap boots that weigh as much as a pair of slippers and tops in a fabric that will keep your body at its optimum working temperature.

But a new cry can be heard “It doesn’t last like it used to”

So, this is a difficult one that’s based on so many factors none more than our own expectations

But I ask myself do we work the same as we used to?

Personally, I think builders work harder, most would agree they work longer with travelling time and the need to work weekends. So, it goes without saying that every tool they use and every item of clothing worn is working harder to?

Plus, the working environment has changed. How many houses have wooden flooring you now kneel on as opposed to the amount that had carpet 20 years ago?

How many kitchens have ceramic tiles on the floor as opposed to the amount of vinyl cushion flooring 20 years ago?

More town houses equal more scaffolding to climb – Solar roof panels means more time sliding on roof tiles – More hardwood decking to kneel on

How much more ISDN cabling where you are crawling round an office block is done Today than 20 years ago

Then you have sealant’s and flux that are 10 times more powerful than they were that get spilt or wiped on trousers and washing powder where you can wash at 20 degrees! It worries me that the dirt isn’t removed the fabric is just thinned. Traditional builder’s vans now have leather seats that you slide on and off and you can see the backside area of tour trousers getting shinier over a period

So maybe it doesn’t appear to last like it used to because it isn’t doing the same work it used to

Our working environment has changed and our working day has changed but our expectations haven’t