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A pair of trousers that are labelled a 34” waist won’t necessarily fit everyone who is a 34” waist the same.

These days, the issue is the cut, the fit and the shape. Looking at a range of jeans recently I noticed you could have a skinny fit, a twisted fit, a boyfriend fit (Help !!) and a bootcut fit.

Although the size label in each one was the same, one pair I tried on fitted great, another I couldn’t get over my legs and the third was ok if I held my breath. However, what is good is the fact that there were enough choices to fit all different shapes of people.

A concept that has now become part of the Snickers range.

Snickers 3 series was renowned for its larger cut; the extra room in the thigh area and backside giving the freedom to work in them and be comfortable when kneeling, crawling or climbing, and for many years this was enough.

But workwear in the 21st century has changed. The idea of “It’s only for work so whatever” has now become “Hang on, I’m in these 10/12 hours a day 5/6 sometimes 7 days a week” It does matter how they feel, it does matter how they fit and it does matter how they look!

Snickers launched the 6 series range in four different families. LiteWork, FlexiWork, RuffWork and AllRound Work. All with different fabrics to suit your needs and all in a new modern cut for people that needed the durability and movement Snickers allowed but without the excess fabric. The 6 series has its own sizing chart which is more familiar to people who buy jeans. Now when we say modern and slimmer we are not saying skinny. By comparison to the cut of the 3 series they are slimmer in the waist thigh and leg and could be far better for the person looking for a more tapered fit? This doesn’t mean they only fit people with a 32” waist! We sell many 38” and 40” waist trousers and the pro-rata cut in the thigh and leg allows these to still give a comfortable fit.

However, this still doesn’t cover all angles! There’s still the demand for an even-slimmer fit! The problem then arises that tighter the fit the more pressure is put on the seams and fabric which could cause a shorter life for the garment. Snickers overcame this by launching the new 6241 Four Way Stretch fabric trouser with elastane giving a snug/slim fit but with the increased amount of stretch fabric to still allow the freedom of movement. So why not make this trouser out of 100% elastane so the whole thing stretched? Well in doing this, the trouser would be “clingy” and could become very uncomfortable and warm. Snickers prevent this by adding the cotton/polyester mix into the bulk of the garment leaving the stretch in the areas and stress points where it’s needed. We appreciate that all this can sound confusing and we hope this helps to explain the choices a little bit better.

Snickers aren’t looking to confuse you, they just want to give you the choice. The choice of how you want your working trouser to fit, the choice of how they look and the choice to have a pair of trousers that you will spend a massive part of the day in that are comfortable.

We have the options – You have the choice.



*NB – Feedback is telling us that many people are finding the 6241 to be at its best if you go up a size from what the size chart recommends – Again, your choice!*