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Spending £100 on work trousers reminds me of the first ever million pound football transfer (Trevor Francis for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember) Unbelievable was the general cry, and an obscene amount of money. Now we have players being sold for nearly 200 million and work trousers over £100!

The footballer is justified by what he brings to that team, which is shown by what they win.

The trousers however are expected to do a lot more to justify their cost, I mean “They’re just for work”.

For £100 they should last at least 5 years, never fade, never rip and look like new after every wash.

Sadly, that’s unrealistic. Value for money is down to individual interpretations. You can eat a 5oz sirloin steak just as quick as a 5oz rump steak but you would expect the dearer sirloin to taste better.

With work trousers you can wear a £30 pair or a £100 Snickers FlexiWork pair. Both, on paper, will do the same job. Will the Flexi last 3 times longer? Impossible to say as working environments change and different jobs will cause faster wear and tear than others.

So why pay more?

Well think about your average day. Including driving many people spend around 10/12 hours in their workwear for a minimum 5 (often 6) days a week. This on average is 3 times longer than any leisurewear garment they own. So surely comfort is as important as durability. Comfort when you are driving, crawling, stretching or climbing, these things can need to be done in the same day.

Plus, whatever your trade you will need to carry tools, fixings, tapes and plans close to hand, so pockets that prevent time running back and forth to the van are a saving. Then there’s your knees!

If you think replacing trousers is expensive this is nothing compared to replacing worn out knees

But Knee pads are only any use if they are in the correct place and do not affect the comfort.

Put all these things together and the justification for high quality workwear is there.

Snickers Flexiwork Trousers are made from a light yet durable RipStop fabric with the added benefit of stretch fabric around the thigh and crouch. This allows freedom of movement without the whole garment shifting every time you move. Putting it basically – it springs with you. The modern cut and stretch means the fit is better without the bagginess often found in looser trousers. This not only gives you comfort in all working environments it also gives you a comfortable pair of trousers to drive in. Plus, enough different sizes to give you the perfect fit and position for your Snickers knee pads.

The good thing is you have the option to spend whatever you can justify, just like you would with a tool. Now like even the best quality Drill these trousers are not indestructible but we do feel that the performance and benefits will make the price worth while

Just like Trevor Francis !