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FlexiWork 6902 – Nearly £100 on Trousers?  Just for work?  Really? It’s a lot isn’t it? But think about this..

How long are you in them? 5 days a week, 6 days a week?

Then how long each day? Include travelling and this could be 10 hours a day, even more.

That’s a long time, so surely you deserve to be comfortable and have some trousers that are designed to work with you?

Think of it as a tool, would you spend £100 on a tool that will make the job you are doing easier? Sure, you would!

The 6902 FlexiWork trouser is as important as any power tool you own. Lightweight RipStop fabric for comfort, Stretch fabric to allow freedom of movement, Cordura Knee Pad pockets that take most of the Snickers Knee Pads – because new knees would cost a lot more than £100!! Velcro closing rear pocket so no nasty studs or poppers to do any damage. An integrated belt that fits perfectly and doesn’t have to be removed every time the garment is washed. Plus, the durability offered by the Snickers brand.

So, is £100 on work trousers a lot? Yes, without a doubt –

But is it value for money? We think so!